Sun Protection

ProBloc SPF 30+ sun protection comes in a choice of convenient personal or work place dispensers

As well as using sun protective clothing, it is important when working in the sun, to cover exposed skin with sunscreen. Bloc SPF 30+ sun protection comes in a choice of convenient personal or work place dispensers.

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Sun Protection

Knowledge & Tips

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Protect your employee’s from the harsh Aussie sun with this easy to apply, quick absorbing sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

What does Broad Spectrum mean?

A sunscreen labelled 'broad spectrum' offers protection from both the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Broad spectrum products help protect from the aging effects of the sun as well as the burning effects. All Auscreen sunscreens are broad spectrum.


Are these products PABA Free?

Yes, all sunscreen products in the Auscreen range are PABA free.


Can I still burn on a cloudy day?

Yes you can! On a cloudy day the sun's rays can still penetrate the earth's atmosphere and the levels of UV can be similar to those on a clear day - so it is important to always take protective measures when outdoors.


20 mins - Apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you hit the outdoors! This gives your skin enough time to absorb all your sunscreen's protective properties

Reapply - at least every two hours when outdoors, especially after sweating or towel drying or wiping.  
Overcast Days - It's just as important to apply your sunscreen on cloudy overcast days as the sun's ultra violet rays are still harmful
How much? - Be sure to use enough sunscreen. The average adult should apply approximately 35ml of sunscreen for one full body application including face, ears and neck.